Ride Along 2-Movie Review

Ride Along 2

Release Date: January 15, 2016

Rated: PG-13

Live Golden Review:imagesimagesimagesimages copyimages copy

I am a fan of of both Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, however I was disappointed with the sequel of this film. The first Ride Along was very funny, but I can’t say the same about this one, I even dozed off towards the end. The film had a decent amount of action, PG humor, and hot women, sounds great but story plot was basic, no shocking twist and a little to long. Without Kevin’s screaming, silly face gestures, random punchlines, and small size there would be no movie. I was disappointed with the character that Ken Jeong played, he usually has me rolling on the floor laughing but it didn’t’ happen here.

Overall movie was O.K. at best. It seems as if they were making this more of a family friendly film. Many kids in the theatre were laughing hysterically at silly moments such as people falling, alligator scene, and Kevin Hart’s yelling.


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