My Comic Con Experience 2016- Best and Worst

Comic Con is always a lot of fun! However this year it seems I did much more outside rather than inside the convention. Check out my best and worst of the convention this year. Don’t forget to visit my Pintrest page for a complete Comic Con photo album.


Celebrity Sightings
Celebs were all over the convention center and Gaslamp during Comic Con weekend. I saw more celebrities this year than all of my other years attending combined. Some of the celebrities I was able to see were the Fear the Walking Dead Cast, The Walking Dead Cast, Stan Lee, William Gordon Levitt, John Bradley-West,Teresa Palmer, and of course tons of you tubers running around.

Fandom Comic Con After Party powered by Wikia
This event took place at Float located at the hard Rock Hotel. I was able to score these tickets a couple of weeks before the convention and I had a BLAST! I felt like I was VIP the entire night. the venue was not crowded the event was completely free with delicious food and live music. The decor was awesome, there were couple zombies in the pool, arcade games by the bar, photo booth, and make-up artist. The party took place Thursday night and was definitely an awesome way to start Comic Con weekend!

Fear the Walking Dead Autograph signing
Woo Hooo I was lucky enough to score tickets for the Fear the Walking Dead cast autograph session aboard the Abigail. I was so excited they had a contest through Instagram and was one the few chosen. The wristband and autograph process was fast and the cast was GREAT. I was able to leave with a signed poster and of course selfies.

Suicide Squad X Samsung Experience
This was one of the best offsite events at Comic Con. Yes, the line was horrific extending about 4 blocks around the Hard Rock, however it was well worth it. The staff passed out snacks and water as you waited in line, and even let Samsung users go first. Once you walked in you entered Belle Reve where you were able to take a 360 photo in a jail cell, VR experience, professional makeup, custom temporary tattoo, video booth, and custom t-shirt station. The VR experience was awesome you were in the center if a room during an action scene and you could turn 360 to see different angles of the scene, the second part of the experience you were in Harley Quinn’s shoes and you were able to see  what she sees. Great job Samsung and Suicide Squad for the awesome time at SDCC.

IMDb Boat Party
On Thursday afternoon scored some tickets to attend the IMDb boat party sponsored by TCL and IMDb. The party was awesome, there was a ton of awesome free swag sponsored by Amazon Geek Boutique, air conditioning, photo booth, drinks, and light snacks for everyone to enjoy. It was a great time to relax and cool down from all that walking in the heat.

AMC Booth
Sanrio Booth
Batman vs Superman Offsite
Conan Booth
Marvel Booth

The in Between

-Adult Swim Offsite
-Cox Free Wi-Fi was sketchy at times
-Conan Taping
-Lights Out Movie Screening w/cast
-Con-X and Sweet Tarts preview night Concert


The Abigail Experience:
Being a big Fear the Walking Dead fan I was excited to see the Abigail Experience just behind the convention center. Unfortunately the experience was not what I expected at all. Not sure if it was the fact that we were the first group to check it out but it was not all it was hyped up to be. The whole experience took too long from beginning to end plus there were a lot of technical failures. I expected it to be more like their 2015 FearTWD experience at the Hilton, which was more interactive with zombies and lots of photo ops. Overall I’m glad I went on the Abigail however did not recommend people waiting in the long line under the scorching to climb aboard.

The HEAT and the LINES:
Ok.. Ok.. I know there was absolutely nothing that could done about the heat but man was it HOT during Comic Con weekend! Being a local I am used to the SD heat but the sun was unbearable that weekend, what made it worse was standing for hours in long lines on hot concrete directly under it. Luckily Saturday Comic Con gave us a little break with overcast and a breeze. It was obvious CCI was definitely trying to keep the crowds controlled by having a line for everything this year… did it work? Well for the most part everything worked out smoothly, however more signage or more communication between Comic Con staff and security guards would of been more helpful. I witnessed and experienced many people being sent different directions and no one really knew where the line started or ended. PROPS to all of the staff, security, and cosplayers out there in that heat!

People of Earth-TBS Booth
Pointless, If you went to it you know what I’m talking about. Glad there was no line when I passed by.

There were not many negatives in my book just the basic issues everyone else has which is the tons of waiting and tons of walking is exhausting but well worth it!

Click HERE for complete album of Comic Con photos on my Pinterest page


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