Easter Events in San Diego 2017

These awesome local pages have provided complete lists of ALL the Easter events happening in San Diego. Visit Their Websites for Family Friendly events all weekend long!


San Diego Moms Blog has a complete list of Easter Egg Events in San Diego around the county! Click the link Below for a great ideas for the Kiddos!
Easter Egg Events in San Diego
>> Click HERE <<


NBC San Diego has Provided us with their FREE top picks of Easter Hunts in San Diego! Free 2017 Easter Egg Hunts Around San Diego
>> Click HERE <<


San Diego Family has provided a list of ways to celebrate Easter in San Diego with these fun, family-friendly activities! You’ll find egg hunts around San Diego, bunny visits, crafts, brunches and worship services.
Happy Easter! Easter Egg Hunts & Other HOPpenings 2017 in San Diego
>> Click HERE <<


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