Cyclebar Hillcrest

Last week I tried a cycling class for the first time ever at a new indoor cycling studio in Hillcrest called Cyclebar. The class was intense taught by a talented instructor named Keara! The location is great, plenty of parking, and the studio has a nice modern look to it. The process begins online where you can create a personal profile and book your class. When you arrive you will check into an iPad which will let you know your bike number and where your cycling shoes are located.

The studio provides lockers to store your belongings and towels. During the class you will follow the instructions given by your instructor and go through a series of speeds, hills, and intense cardio while music is blasting. It was a lot of fun and the class definitely had you sweating the entire time. At the end of the class they passed around refreshing eucalyptus infused towels for an overall amazing experience. At the end of your ride you will even get an email with information about your ride such as speed, calories burned, and ranking.

For their opening month Cyclebar Hillcrest is offering FREE classes to the public from June 8 through June 18, don’t miss out!

Click HERE to visit Cyclebar Hillcrest
Follow Cyclebar on Instagram @cb_hillcrest


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