Ashley Lane Fitness

Ashley Lane Fitness
ALF is a workout studio located in Hillcrest and Iet me tell you… Its Amazing! The studio offers a variety of classes which range from barre, sculpt, spin, yoga, and they are known for their fun combo classes (these classes combine 25 minutes of indoor cycling and 25 minutes sculpt or barre). Not only do they have a variety of classes to choose from, their class times vary from early in the morning to as late as 7pm which works with everyones schedule!


The Studio
Their studio has everything you need plus its modern and always clean. With your membership you can take advantage of the studios amenities such as clean towels, dressing rooms, lockers, water, shower, and they even have a cute retail boutique. Being a member comes with perks too because you can receive discounts from local partners.


Ashley Lane Fitness App
My favorite part is how easy they make it to book a class with their Ashley Lane Fitness App. All you need to do is download their easy to use app, create an account and book your class (Yes, I promise its really that easy!). So far all of my classes have been awesome, I have not had any problems booking a class. They also never overbook a class so there is enough room for you to move around and get to know your trainer. On top of that the instructors are tough and super motivating which just makes you want to keep trying harder!


Try them out!
If you want to take a class at Ashley Lane Fitness visit their site HERE. You can choose between monthly memberships, weekly classes, personal training, or even a drop-in class. Give them a try by signing up for a drop in class! If you sign up now you can use promo code:cassandra10 for $10 off your first class.img_7466


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