Today I wanted to share a wonderful brand called DfrntPigeon. It is an awesome streetwear line with a greater social mission. Dfrntpigeon helps teens express their creativity while providing them with mentorship programs, and fair wages. I loved collabing with this brand, each tee has original art inspired by the youth’s experiences and perspectives of the world.

I am wearing their Humanity tee from their Identity collection. “The Humanity Tee illustrates the interconnections of a complicated world”.  If you shop on their page you are able to view the story and meaning of each item. MY REVIEW: This streetwear brand is not only awesome to rock but it will definitely make you a conversation piece. The quality of the fabric and printed image were top notch. The shirt was super soft and true to size (I am wearing a size Large).

To learn more about the artist’s & their Community Collection which is coming soon Head over to their page by clicking HERE. TIP: Holiday season is just around the corner and these tee’s will make perfect gifts for teens, brothers, sisters, or just about anyone!img_8209


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