Taste of North Park 2017

Got to visit and taste soo many awesome restaurants and shops in North Park a couple of weeks ago & had a blast! There was soo much to see & do that I was not able to visit every location. Everything went smoothly and now I have a list of restaurants I need to return to try out more of their menu.  The way it worked was you had a card with a map and list of participating restaurants, and once u got there you get your food and they stamp your card!Below are my favorite TOP 10 restaurant picks from the restaurants I got to try out at the event

1. White Bean Turkey Chili from Dunedin. OMG! this was the 2nd place I stopped by during this tasting event and it was the best! The chili was the most memorable out of all of the restaurants. Fiancé and I will definitely be back for more!

2. Sweet Corn Cake w/Green Chorizo & Ancho-Fig Puree from Urban Solace this was the mostunique dish and had an awesome combo of ingredients and looked beautiful.

3. Carnitas tacos from Tamarindo Latin Kitchen & Bar. This restaurant had an awesome atmosphere, tacos were delicious  and the rest of the menu looked tasty. This looks like a fun place for Taco Tuesdays!

4. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream from Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream. I have always wanted to stop by but never had a chance to.. service was great, Ice cream was delicious and cones were cute and yummy.

5. Matcha Horchata from Holy Matcha. Glad this was on the list not only did I get a delicious taste but got to see their cute decor.

6. Wow wow Waffle I do not recall what was on the waffle but it was good.. I believe it was almond butter waffle, paired with their pink lemonade!

7. Tostadas: Fresh Fruit & Seafood Bar.. this restaurant had the best service in my opinion and they had several options to choose from and order was made to order and they were super quick and helpful. Will definitely return to this place!

8 & 9. There is soo much pizza in North Park! Lol.. it was all delicious it’s hard to choose a favorite so both Mr. Moto Pizza house and Florencia’s Ristorante were good for different reasons. Florencia’s had an amazing cheesy bread and Mr. Moto Pizza had a delicious Smoky Green Pizza. Yummmmm

10. Revive Kombucha.. This was not a restaurant or brewery but they had an awesome stand and all the Revive Kombucha flavors were very tasty. They said their product was sold at Trader Joe’s and even handed us great coupons. Wild Ginger & Boogie Down were my favorite flavors.

Pop up Breweries were also in the event I am not much of a drinker therefore my brother enjoyed all of the drinking and was impressed by the majority of the beers. His favorite was Thorn Street Brewery

Overall It was fun to see the entire neighborhood of North Park come together and do this awesome event! If you get a chance to participate in Taste of Northpark I highly Recommend it.

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