Museum of Ice Cream – San Francisco

Located a couple blocks from San Francisco’s Union Square, Museum of Ice Cream pop-up is now located in a beautiful historic bank. You can see the pink from the big columns on the outside all the way to the bank vault inside. I was so excited to come here, my fiancé had planned this trip and had purchased tickets months in advance since they tend to sell out fast!

MOIC is not your traditional museum, rooms were filled with sweet inspired artwork and interactive fun! Every room has its own unique theme with perfect lighting and room for photo ops. There were also many treats to try such as Ice cream (of course), mochi, and cotton candy.

One of the main attractions and my favorite part was the sprinkle pool, which is also a hit in the their LA and NY museum. The pool was the only room that required a bit of a wait(less than 10min) in order for their to be enough room for everyone.

The tour was very organized, you got in a small group at your designated time and once your in you get a quick description of each room and pretty much guide yourself.
The employees in each room are super fun and make the experience even better. Overall i would recommend this tour, all of the locations are different but I am sure they are all fun in their own way!

Click HERE to plan your visit to MOIC
Comment below & tell me what your favorite part of the tour was or for questions!



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