Anaheim Packing District



Had a fun mini road trip with the fiancé to Anaheim and L.A. to visit a couple of new spots and for Wondercon 2018. One of the spots I got to visit was the Anaheim Packing District. This is definitely a MUST GO spot for a ny foodie! They had all types of food such as sandwiches, ice cream, cakes, Mexican food, pho, pizza, and so much more! I LOVED the look of the Anaheim Packing District it is soooo beautiful, there’s a lot of hanging succulents, many places to sit and eat, large swings, and it’s just a fresh, fun, and clean looking environment.This was our first time visiting and it was sooooo hard to choose a spot.. But below are the yummy spots we chose!
Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar
I enjoyed a delicious Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich from this Grilled cheese sandwich bar. They had many delicious options and let me tell you the sandwich was super cheesy and amazing!



Doggone Good
I love Pizza and love hot dogs therefore why not combine them!


I Am -Smoothie and Shaved Snow
Wanted to try something extra different and fun therefore I tried the Liquid Nitrogen Snowballs… They looked fun and tasted like cereal. However I did not enjoy this desert it was all over the place and di not enjoy how cold they were.. maybe its a funner dessert for the kids


Click HERE to visit Anaheim Packing District website



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