Wondercon 2018

I had a lot of fun during my first experience at Wondercon 2018. The event took place at the Anaheim Convention Center which was awesome because its super close to hotels and Disneyland. Being a yearly attendee of the San Diego Comic Con its hard to not compare the conventions and let me just say they were completely different but both enjoyable.
Below are the top perks of Wondercon 2018

SMALL PRESS Everywhere! Got to meet and see so much work of comics Ive never heard of! Loved how it was easy to get up close and personal with many artists. During Comic Con its easy to miss the small press with all of the lines you have to wait in and all of the larger booths there is to see.

NO LINES. Of course i waited in a couple of lines but nothing lasting more than 5 minutes
FOOD TRUCKS Seems as if the food trucks are a big part of the convention as well! They had delicious options and the wait was not bad at all

COSPLAY was on point! People definitely were representing their favorite characters and there was plenty of room to strike a pose with your favorite character!
EASY The convention was a breeze, very organized, plenty of parking, spacious, lots of room to sit and walk. I was able to go through the whole convention in one day!

Have you attended Wondercon? If so whats your favorite part of the event!



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