Food at The San Diego County Fair 2018

The crazy food options is one of the main reason people love to visit the San Diego County Fair. Let me show you a sneak peek of this years new food options! Looks like Unicorns are going to be a big thing at the fair this year!

Tasti Chips will be a favorite this year with their Unicorn Fries & Cheese burger. Cheese lovers will love these! These were my favorite foodie options at the fair. Both the burger and the fries had fried cheese and very good sauces. I will return for more!

Renos Fish & Chips booth will be featuring Fish Kabobs (soo yummy) one of my faves! Pignotti’s Pasta brings spaghetti donuts & Lasagna nachos. It was spaghetti in the shape of a donut and I did not try the lasagna but the donut was not so bad.

Sweet Cheeks Baking Co is bringing some competition with their delicious treats such as unicorn cupcakes, whookie pies, smores rice krispies, and other deicious treats. Treats were very good did not disappoint! My favorite was the cupcakes.. they were too cute didn’t even want to eat it! One of my absolute favorite booths was So Rich Chocolates. The chocolates were pure perfection. Pomelo, cranberry, almonds, and even crickets were in her chocolates. All the chocolates had amazing flavors!

The Mediterranean will feature bacon wrapped Baklava and Falafels. The Baklava was very delicious.. I did not know they had it at the fair!

Premier have a Glazed Donut Breakfast Grilled Cheese had just the right amont of sweet. Perfect for brunch at the fair. Crowd favorite Pinks Hot Dogs will be adding a Unicorn Dog along w/ there chili cheese and Polish Kraut Dog

Bacon-A-Fair Macho Nacho Bacon Unicorn Dog and even had Unicorn Party Pineapple, which was a Fireball infused Pineapple with bacon. Tried the dog and it was good, didn’t get a chance to try the pineapple but everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Chicken Charlies always has the wildest food option. This year they are having a Cotton Candy Ice cream sandwich, Deep fried Filet mignon, Chocolate Pasta. I did not have the guts to try them all, I had 1 bite of the chocolate pasta and it was not my thing but maybe you guys will like it?! 🤷‍♀️

Comment below what is your go-to fair food?


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