Blanco Tacos + Tequila Review

I visited BLANCO Tacos + Tequila restaurant during their opening week and let me tell you I LOVE IT! First of all the location is perfect! IT is on the top floor of Fashion Valley Mall right across from my 2nd home AMC Theatres.. LOL.  Secondly, their service and food were perfection! We were helped as soon as we walked in the door.

The decor of the restaurant automatically stood out to me, it was simple classy and modern. These are some of the beautiful and funny murals painted the restaurant walls.

The menu was simpler than expected, there is only a couple of apps, tacos, and what they call “Mexican Pizza’s”. Not sure why I expected more but what the had to choose from were all unique items. I did notice their drink menu was very large and the price range for the restaurant is not that bad the mos expensive plate was around $17. Our food did not take long to prepare, the taste was good. Short Rib Machaca, Guac, Charred Onion Mexican Pizza is the pizza we ordered. I enjoyed mine.. it basically tastes like a large crispy quesadilla. Snake River Wagyu Carne Asada Taco plate was yummy. The meat was juicy and my favorite part was the handmade tortillas. 

I have no complaints and plan on returning to this beautiful restaurant very soon. Next time I plan on requesting a seat on their outdoor seating area. 

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Are you planning on visiting this new San Diego restaurant??? Leave a comment below!


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