Taste of Happy Hour- King of Happy Hour

 King of Happy Hour is an awesome platform which easily lets you search what the best happy hour deals are in the neighborhood. Just select your location and not only will you get a list of restaurants offering happy hour but you will also get the time, deals, amenities, menu types, payment types, basically everything you need to know about happy hour! How convenient is that?! My favorite part of their site is the “Kings Picks” each day of their week they have their top pick of the best Happy Hour in town. I had the opportunity to speak to the awesome owners of King of Happy Hour, they are so great and have very exciting things coming soon! Be sure to follow them on social media so you won’t miss a thing.

I had a blast touring some of Downtown San Diego’s Hottest restaurants all thanks to King of Happy Hour. We were given a pass to tour around 10 restaurants and the delicious food/drinks were waiting for us. It was a self guided tour so you can go at your own pace.We started off at Taste and Thirst who offered some casual bites like their truffle tater tots and Tropical Savor Bar and Grill, who gave us some of  their very popular rum punch, when ordered you canteen get it in a fancy pineapple.

Next was one of my favorite stops. New restaurant next to Horton Plaza Tapas & Beer, cute restaurant offering different types of flatbreads and tapas. We had the chance to try the California chicken flatbread it was AMAZING!

El Chingon, Havana 1920, and Prohibition San Diego were all right next to each other they all had a very fun vibe. Prohibition is an Underground speakeasy so it must be soo much fun on weekend nights. El Chingon had an amazing menu and the restaurant/bar looked like a blast!

Our next stops were Monkey King and Berkeley Pizza. I was in awe with the Beautiful set up of Monkey King the colors and decor were amazing! Berkley pizza was sooo delicious I will recommend the Garlic pesto pizza every bite was amazing!

Next two stops involved Tacos! One was a Sushi taco form Sushi Lounge on Market and the other was an adobada taco from Tacos el Cabron which were Super good, left me wanting more.

Thank You Zipkick & King of Happy Hour for all of the fun!

Be sure to follow King of Happy Hour on Instagram @Kingofhappyhour



2 thoughts on “Taste of Happy Hour- King of Happy Hour

  1. Hi Cassandra! I think I saw that taste of happy hour event but couldn’t make it! Glad you shared about it! Downtown has so many options! I think their website let me sort by day of the week and area, etc? Haven’t been on their site recently though.

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