Comic Con 2015: After the Con Withdrawal

A week ago I was able to enjoy the wonderful yearly San Diego Event, Comic Con International 2015. Unfortunately I was not able to check off everything on my Comic Con bucket list but i definitely had a great time. I was looking forward to the AMC’s The Walking Dead panel and autograph booth, however it didn’t happen (hopefully next year, fingers crossed). The funnest part of the con was watching everyone be themselves and celebrate everything pop culture has to offer. It was such a great weekend full of sleepless nights, achy feet, and long lines but at the end it was all worth it. I am excited that San Diego will continue their contract with Comic Con and hopefully score tickets for next year!

Comic Con 2015 Golden moments
The Artist Alley had wonderful art from many comic artist, it was so inspiring seeing all of their their unique styles.

AMC had an awesome booth where u were able to interact with walkers.

Conan at Spreckles theatre was a blast, probably the best part of my weekend. It was exciting watching everyone work their t.v. magic and we were able to see cast of X-Men Apocolypse.
Fear The Walking Dead had an awesome promo setup at the Gaslamp Hilton, where you were able to walk in an abondoned church with zombies.
Walker Stalker at Petco Park gave people a chance to meet the cast of popular tv shows and movies.

MTV’s Scream Queens had a crazy ride called “Scream Queens Drop” It was soooo terrifying I had to do it twice, got me looking forward to the show. Loved it!

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Have you ever attended Comic Con?


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