DIY Witch Legs Garland

This is my first DIY! I had some time to do a fun halloween craft. It is simple and you can come up with so many variations. I enjoyed it because I was able to use all the extra embellishments I had laying around as I am sure many of you crafters do.⁣

Card stock⁣
Double-sided tape⁣
Hot Glue gun⁣
Scissors or Cutting machine ⁣
Tulle for fabric or the skirts⁣
Jute string or twine⁣
Embellishments: anything you have to decorate the boots and the belt. I used rhinestones, twine, confetti ⁣

Step 1⁣
Using the outline or svg above cut the legs and shoes. You can print then cut or use your cutting machine. I used my Cricut machine, the legs measured height 4 in X 2.9 in. wide. Each shoe measured at height 2 in X 2.5 in. wide.⁣ I used halloween printed card stock for the stockings. I liked the look of the glitter card stock for the shoes. ⁣

Step 2⁣
Using double sided tape I attached the shoes to the legs⁣

Step 3⁣
Using tulle or even fabric make a skirt and hot glue it to the top of the legs⁣

Step 4⁣
Now comes the funnest part! Use any embellishments you have to decorate the belt part and the shoes. I added some buttons and bows. ⁣

Step 5⁣
Hot glue all of the legs to twine to complete your garland!





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