San Diego Speed Boat Adventures

It feels like summer all year long in San Diego. This means locals can enjoy activities such as going to the beach, laying by the pool, and visiting theme parks all year long! Ok…Ok… I’ll stop bragging about how amazing this city and its weather is (you will hear a lot more of it throughout my blog.) Getting back to the subject, a week ago I decided to try something different other than my regular weekend outings. Being a San Diego local I don’t take advantage of all our touristic activities, but I have been wanting to do a tour for a while now. After a lot of research I decided that my boyfriend and I should do a speed boat tour. There were several other options of tours around town, however this seemed the most adventurous and reasonably priced for what was being offered. The tour is booked online or over the phone, I called to ask a couple questions and must say they have great customer service. The tour we booked took place on a sunny Sunday afternoon and its very hands on. We got quick instructions from our tour guide which includes a brief description of the route we will take, some basic boating rules, the order the group we will be following, and some safety procedures. Once you hit the water you are basically in charge! We started off slow and went full throttle once we were away from the people and boat traffic. The tour was a wonderful experience, especially for someone who’s never been on a speed boat before. It was a ton of fun and gave me a different view of the bay and the cityscape, we were even able to get up close and personal with some sea lions. If anyone is in town visiting or even locals should give this tour a try. You can get more information by visiting their website IMG_5616




Have you done a tour of your hometown?


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