Paella Wine and Beer Festival 2018

img_4184I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to hold the Paella Wine and Beer Festival. Right on the bay I got to sample several types of Paella and Sangria while enjoying some live entertainment! Below is my overall review on the General Admission Tickets to this festival.

There was a wait to get your ticket and pass seemed as if it was organized just very slow, we had an issue with out tickets however an employee was able to assist us. Everything but VIP had to wait in the same line which was pretty long. Took about 20-30 minutes to get in.
VIP tickets did not have a long wait

Event Layout
Located on the beautiful San Diego Bay the venue was picture perfect. Setup was nice but there was no seating area and very limited high tables to set your plate on. VIP had their separate area.
-plan on bringing a picnic blanket or chairs if you are planning on staying most of the event
-conveniently located behind the convention center, plan on takin public transportation to avoid parking issues.

Popular chefs were all over the event. It was easy to get one on one time with them and all seemed eager to meet the attendees.

Getting Your Food
Of course the food was amazing. Showing up early is a must. Not even half way through the event most of the food venues were all out of Paella. For those who showed up an hour or so after only had a couple options to choose from which created long lines. We showed up early and got to try what we wanted, however saw many people complaining about this.
The food booths however were not at all stingy with their sample plates!
TIP: Show up on time in order to get full experience.

They had a paying bar and a bar to redeem tickets. There was little to no wait at each bar.

-Many local small businesses and local events were at the event selling or giving away products (I won tickets to the County Fair!)
-Great entertainment throughout the entire event. They had everything from live music, dancing, horses, and much more.

Overall I had a great time and would definitely enjoy attending this event in the future! Have you ever attended this festival? If so, tell me what you liked about it??



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