BALI – Mangosteen Juice


Bali makes 100% organic Mangosteen juice. Before Bali I had not heard of the Mangosteen fruit so I decided to read up on it. Mangosteen comes from a slow growing tree in Southeast Asia which can take 8-15 years to bear fruit. Mangosteen contains antioxidants, is low in calories, immune system booster, and has healing properties!


Bali juice currently comes in a pomegranate, berry, and green tea flavor. I had the opportunity to try all three and they were very delicious, plus it was even better knowing it had so many great benefits. The juice is very rich and sweet in flavor. I would recommend drinking it over ice for the perfect taste!

Try Bali today! The juice is currently available in California you can visit the Bali website HERE to find a location near you to purchase. If you are not in California Bali juice is available online for purchase. 



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